Luke Skywalker finding the soul snares

Soul snares were prismatic crystal objects found by Luke Skywalker just before his encounter with Rur, which were said to be capable of holding a sentient being's life force for all eternity. Although Skywalker had earlier heard of these objects, he had never been aware of their existence until that point.

Rur had used his computer-body to detect if lightsaber carrying people were near his location. In this way he desired to ensnare Jedi and imprison them, in vengeance for the Jedi defeat of his splinter faction, the Order of the Terrible Glare.

Soul snares might also be the theoretical basis of the crafting of the Sith pyramidal crystals, constructed over five thousand years later on Yavin 4 by the Sith Lords Naga Sadow and Exar Kun, that were likewise capable of the entrapment of life forces on an even wider scale.

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Behind the scenesEdit

These prismatic gem-like objects were only mentioned in the comic Blind Fury!.


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