The South Apartments was a residential complex located in the Upper City of the planet Taris. Galactic Republic soldiers Carth Onasi and Revan used one of the apartments as a temporary hideout during the rescue of Bastila Shan.

Due to the strict laws of aliens not being allowed in the Upper City, this apartment complex became the home of many illegal aliens, such as Ixgil and his companion, although it was also used as a hideout for Dia, a Human female who was hiding out in the apartment complex after she had a bounty on her head. The conditions of the apartments were considered too poor for the majority of the Upper City citizens, who were used to more glamorous accommodation, being the more wealthy citizens of Taris. The landlord of the South Apartments then began to rent the apartments out to illegal aliens as it was unlikely the Tarisian Authorities would bother investigating such a run-down building. The welfare and cleaning of the Apartments was managed by the old janitor Kadir who was considered by the majority of the residents as quite a poor janitor, however Kadir believed he made the best of the limited resources he had available to him.

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