"Be alert for trick plays–the Vols love to hand off to their weak-side fullback and then have him pass deep to the strikers."
Zare Leonis regarding the Volunteers' playing style[src]

The South Capital City Volunteers were a grav-ball team based on Capital City on the planet Lothal. The team was known for trying to befuddle its opponents with trick plays. Approximately six years before the Battle of Yavin, this team played the AppSci SaberCats in a heated match in drizzling rain in the second half of the grav-ball season. This first game of the second match was presented to stands full of fans despite the weather, as the strong performance of the SaberCats in the first-half meant that everyone was following the team's prospects. The Volunteers won the chance cube toss that began the game and put in a fairly strong showing, but the SaberCats ultimately won the match by twelve points.[1]


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