"Girl, it's like this: The sea is changing, and the tides are shifting. It's about to get real nasty for us nasty types. Either we're gonna be running from the new sheriff in town, or we're gonna be trying to kill each other in the farthest-flung dung-heap systems, stabbing each other over a few scraps of what was once ours by right. I'm proposing we get together and stay together. Scoundrels like us, we always worked together—it just wasn't official. So I'm making it official."
―Eleodie forming the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya.[src]

The Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya was a loosely organized nation of pirates and criminals operating under the leadership of Eleodie Maracavanya, a maverick being known as the "pirate ruler of Wild Space." With no identifiable home planet and no planets actually under their control, the group was truly a government of space operating on the edges of Wild Space, with the Liberty's Misrule, a reclaimed Super Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire serving as its flagship vessel.[1]

With the increasing threat faced to such individuals by the laws passed the increasingly powerful New Republic, the group's aim was to provide a home and resources for those would normally forced to fend for themselves. The nation's ideals were freedom, greed, self-interest and pirates working together for their mutual benefit. When Maracavanya's armada was confronted by three greatly weakened Imperial II-class Star Destroyers fleeing from the Battle of Jakku, Maracavanya ordered them destroyed as a gift to the New Republic, hoping it might buy zher fledgling nation some time to be left alone.[1]



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