The Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya was a loosely organized nation of pirates and criminals operating under the leadership of Eleodie Maracavanya, a maverick being known as the "pirate ruler of Wild Space." With no identifiable home planet and no planets actually under their control, the group was truly a government of space operating on the edges of Wild Space, with the Liberty's Misrule, a reclaimed Super Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire serving as its flagship vessel.[1]

With the increasing threat faced to such individuals by the laws passed the increasingly powerful New Republic, the group's aim was to provide a home and resources for those would normally forced to fend for themselves. The nation's ideals were freedom, greed, self-interest and pirates working together for their mutual benefit. When Maracavanya's armada was confronted by three greatly weakened Imperial II-class Star Destroyers fleeing from the Battle of Jakku, Maracavanya ordered them destroyed as a gift to the New Republic, hoping it might buy her fledgling nation so time to be left alone.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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