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The Space ARC Star Cruiser were huge star cruisers which were generally associated with the Galderian space pirates, although a few found their way into the hands of the Rebel Alliance also.

Although it is not known which race created them, it is believed that they were designed specifically as weapons of war by a race enslaved by the Galderians. The main difference between this capital ship and others is that it used its tractor beam projectors to launch and recover the squadrons of I-BEAM Star Fighters which always complimented the ship.

It is believed that, in the right hands, a Space ARC Star Cruiser could possibly hold its own against a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, or an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, as was seen when the Galderian pirates were attacked by the Magellan under the command of Julias Narn.



The hangar of a Space ARC.