The Space Monkey Café was a bar, that was located in the city of Bayonard, on the planet Cularin. It operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


The café consisted of a glass and duracrete lounge, that was located on top of a three-story tower. Beneath it, there were kitchens, storage rooms and rooms that were available for rent. It had a high turnover off staff and had a resident band, the Space Monkeys, who gave regular performances.


By about 32 BBY, the Sullustan Chelsey Grimes had became the café's manager. Adran Blake worked there as a cook, while the Human Maureen worked on the bar. Selima DeWitt, the daughter of the Baron Administrator of Bayonard, was a regular patron of the café. When she went missing, the heroes of Cularin were hired to find her and they visited the café, so see if they could find any clues about what had happened to her. While there, they spoke to Narask and Tyburn Welles, two associates of DeWitt.