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This article is about the police droid model used by spaceports. You may be looking for other uses of the term.
"Are you crazy? Pointing that thing at a Jedi? Put it down now!!"
―A spaceport police droid to Loubo after he picked up a frying pan.[src]

Police droids were used as the police at various spaceports.[1]

Yellow seemed to signify command or an elite position.


Several of these droids were contacted at the Stobar spaceport on the Stobar after Dathomirian Zabrak Savage Opress choked the waitress Sassi in Plop Dribble's spaceport cantina. However, by the time the droids arrived, the Zabrak had already fled.[2]

They were also used as security at a space station in the Cybloc system.[3]

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