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"He ain't putting no Borgs in our mound!"
―A humanoid bigot[src]

Spacers' Hill, also spelt Spacer's Hill, was a cemetery mound for pilots just outside of Tun Aduban on Aduba-3. It was maintained by the Verpine priest Pera. Any pilot was considered to have the right to be buried on the Hill.


Pera spent a good portion of his time gathering dead bodies from barfights and shootouts around town so that they could be buried properly, a duty that was much appreciated by the spacers in the community.

However, Pera once attempted to bury a cyborg body in the hill, only to find himself being lynched on the streets. Han Solo and Chewbacca, who had landed the Millennium Falcon on Aduba-3 to lie low for a while, broke up the scuffle and helped Pera bring the body to its final resting place.

By tradition, any valuables found upon the body of a dead pilot belonged to the person who buried the body.



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