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The infamous Spacestation 1138 was a high-security prison space station maintained by the Trade Federation in the Karthakk system prior to the Clone Wars.


Spacestation 1138 consisted of a central shaft flanked by two twin pylons that rotated around the station. On the ends of each pylon were heavy capital ship turrets, with smaller anti-starfighter laser cannons located along the length of the defense pylons. A droid starfighter hangar bay was located towards the top of the station, though larger were accommodated with docking tubes on the outer pylons.


The pirate chief Nym and his Revenant forces staged an assault against Station 1138 to save Captain Orsai and his men. Jinkins transmitted codes that unlocked Orsai's prison, and the Captain's men quickly stormed the onboard armory to procure weapons. Blasting their way through battle droid guards and past cowardly Neimoidian support staff, the Mere Resistance troops made their way to a rendezvous with the Liberator.

Behind the scenesEdit

Spacestation 1138 is one of many references throughout Star Wars media to George Lucas' first feature film, THX-1138.


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