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Mas Amedda holding the Speaker's staff

In the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, the Speaker's staff was a long wooden scepter wielded by the Vice Chair of the Senate, who was often referred to as the Speaker, to demonstrate his authority over the Senate's debates. It had crisscrossing carved lines running down its length, and it was capped by a dull golden figure of the ancient demagogue Sistros, one of the controversial Four Sages of Dwartii.

During the Declaration of a New Order and the transformation of the Republic into a Galactic Empire, the staff was held by the current Vice Chair, Mas Amedda. The staff's fate after Emperor Palpatine's dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 0 BBY is unknown.

A different speaker's staff was used during Conclave of the Raining Leaves Clan and the Broken Columns Clan in 43 ABY on Dathomir. It was gnarled staff with skull on the top.



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