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"A" Squad to A-212 rotary disruptor
A-23 Treeduster to Advance on Vulta
Advance on the Corellian Run to Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter
Alpha-3 Nimbus-class starfighter to Aqualish thug
Aqualish–Republic War to Atgar Corporation
Atgar SpaceDefense to Bakuran Blade
Bakuran Defence Fleet to Battle of Felucia/Canon
Battle of Felucia (Galactic Civil War) to Belazura
Belazura Sensor Technologies to Blastbug
Blastech to Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter's Babe to C-8 life support system
C-8 protocol droid to Carel Struycken
Carella to Cheesmer
Cheeve to Clighal
Cligot to Conner net
Conners to Crado
Crado's Robe to DSP-5 personal rocket pack
DSS-02 shield generator to Darth Occulus
Darth Ordrem to Deluxe Boarding Armor
Deluxe Undersea Package to Docking bay 1138
Docking bay 33 to Droidification
Droidika to Eckerd
Eckhorn Baliss to Ensaiav
Ensemble Studios to FPG
FR-351 to Fire foam
Fire gnat to Form II
Form II: Makashi to Galactic News Service
Galactic Outdoor School of Survival to Generals
Generation ship to Gorshaa
Gorshan feeder to Grundill
Grunel Ovin to Harley Cokliss
Harleys to Hka'ka
Hkaeli to Hutt Grand Council
Hutt Grand Council Hall to Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer/Canon to Ion
Ion-XX Crusader to Jaraana
Jaraana irstat to Jhantorian Wine
Jhantorian wine to KDY v-150 Planet Defender
KDYv-150 Systemary Ion Cannon to Kelara Sakoal
Kelarea to Knockout gas
Knockout harpoon to LC-9 Thermite Torpedo
LCC-33 Blaster Overcharge system to Lemmer
Lemmet Tauk to Lomite
Lommite to MPTL-2a spotter droid
MQ-12 to Marat system
Marath Vooro to McQuarrie Revisited
Mcgrrrr to Millennium
Millennium/Canon to Moll (planet)
Moll family farm to Myogens
Myomar to Nelvaanese
Nelvaanian to Normal space
Norman to Omar system
Omas to Outlander
Outlander (game) to Pembric II government
Pembric Security Legion to Plovin Kut
Plttke to Proton mine
Proton missile to RAF
RAGOC to Reaver (Yuuzhan Vong)
Reaver Squadron to Republic Security
Republic Security Force to Rneekii
Rneekii pirates to Ryn Syndicate
Ryn network to Sashal
Sashasa to Semako Thalien
Semaphore to Shayoto's master's master
Shaythin to Sith Starfighter
Sith Sword to Soergg the Hutt
Sofia Coppola to Squik
Squik (Twi'lek) to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Portfolio
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Read-Along Storybook and CD to Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2012
Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2013 to Stewjon
Stewjon/Canon to Swilja Fenn
Swilla to Tally-house Meeting Halls
Tally sensor to Temolish
Temora to The Frozen Citadel
The Frozen World of Ota to Theran
Theran Cedrax to Tom DeFalco
Tom Defalco to Tribe Panshee village
Tribe Rebellion to Uj
Uj'alayi to Unidentified Imperial captain (Executor, Bespin)
Unidentified Imperial captain (Executor, Kothlis) to Unidentified White Squad ordnance specialist commando
Unidentified White Thranta manager to Unnamed Hodges-Traviss webstrip
Unnamed Human Jedi to Vella Derwayne
Vella Reenogga to Voromuzz
Voronica Whitney-Robinson to Wethrenn Amusements, Unlimited
Wetlung to X1's Executor-class Star Dreadnought
X1's Fortress to Yubookoo
Yucrales Sector to “Gundark” Saff

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