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"A" Squad to A-201 Rancor-X Saboteur
A-205 charged needler to Advance on the Corellian Run
Advance on the Corellian Trade Spine to Alph (Rogue)
Alph (guard) to Aqualish guest
Aqualish hoi-broth to Atari 2600
Atari 5200 to Baker Company (stormtrooper)
Baker Squadron to Battle of Dubrillion (Galactic Civil War)
Battle of Dubrillion (disambiguation) to Bekis
Bekk Tunit to Blasnic
Blast-Dampening Armor to Boulad
Boulder to C-22 fragmentation grenade
C-27 scattergun to Carbonite gun
Carbonite insert to Chavers
Chaw Troillya to Cleansing of Korriban
Cleansing of New Plympto to Confederation
Confederation-GA War to Coyn
Coyn'Skraj'Ha to DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle
DLT-19 blaster rifle to Darth Maul's Party Town
Darth Maul's Revenge to Delta-622-Echo
Delta-6 Starfighter to Doc Rodian
Doc Vandangate to Droid neural pacifier
Droid neural scrambler to Echani battle armor
Echani battle stimulant to Engagement at Sheris
Engagement in the Mid Rim to F-9 Laser Enforcer
F-9 heavy ion cannon to Finn's mother
Finn (Herdessan) to Force valor
Force vampire to Galactic Civil War/Canon
Galactic Code to General Grievous Halloween audiocast
General Grievous Theme to Gorksin Ale
Gorlan to Ground nut
Ground skimmer to Hard Sell
Hard Shell to Hiroth Besh
Hiroyuki Kawada to Hurlothrombic gas
Hurlothrumbic Generator to Imperial Engineers Academy
Imperial Enlisted Records to Intran
Intran system to Janissaries
Janissary to Jester (Carrack-class)
Jester (occupation) to K'rom wars
K'snell to Keelyvine Reus's flagship
Keena to Knight of the Jedi Order
Knight that Never Was to Kyrouac system
Kyrouaqian High Council to Legion of Merit
Legionnaire academy to Lofquar system
Lofquarian gooney bird to MCR-99 reconnaissance droid
MCS to Mantrony
Mantu to Maxo Vista
Maxsec Eight to Mikki
Mikks to Moff Vered
Moff Weblin to Muzara system
Muzaran system to Neil Barani
Neil Edwards to Nonvideor-class Minelayers
Nonvideor-class minelayer to Old Silver Eyes
Old Sith Empire to Ottdefa
Ottega to Peeja Mobet's Holo Emporium
Peekoine to Playt
Playwright to Proom
Proop to R2 Astromech Head
R2 Builders Club to Rayamal
Rayboo to Republic Base D-55
Republic Bureau of Xenology to Rintonne
Rintonne's Flame to Ruthic
Ruthless to Sar Agorn
Sar Agorn's holocron to Sega Game Gear
Seggor to Shange
Shanh to Sirpar Station
Sirpar system to Snake's Guild
Snake-Eyes to Spliff
Splik to Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 17
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 18 to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (junior novelization)
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (novel) to Stealth field reinforcement
Stealth generator to Surian tea
Suribran Tu to Takeover of Mandalore
Takeover of Sundari to Teedio system
Teedle to The Doobage
The Doomed to The Undertow
The Underwater Kingdom to Titus Steel
Titus Sypknee to Treaty of Anaxes
Treaty of Bresnan to Tyrnia Masak: Pit Fighter
Tyro to Unidentified Garqian anthropoid
Unidentified Garqian creature to Unidentified Sun Leader wingman
Unidentified Sundari school superintendent to Unidentified tree-dwelling creature
Unidentified tree-like Jedi to Varim
Varin to Voegliss
Voegliss's species to Wayward Jungle
Wayward Son to Wyvern Toriq
Wyvern battle group to Yixbon Scale
Yjal to Zossi Belt
Zot to “Gundark” Saff

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