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"A" Squad to 967 Commandos
96NK3F2 to Admiral of the Fleet Commendation
Admirals to Alliance Strategy and Tactics Lecture series
Alliance Support Service to Anza
Anzaada Cavern to Assault shuttle
Assault team one (Picket Force Two) to Backup hyperdrive
Backways to Battle of Borleias
Battle of Borleias (10 ABY) to Bayonard Blaster Carry Permit
Bayonard Institute of Higher Education to Black Fleet Trilogy
Black Fleet crisis to Borga
Borga Besadii Diori to Bunker-buster bomb
Bunker-buster torpedo to Captain Andel
Captain Antilles to Challenge 72
Challenge 73 to Civil conflict on Duro
Civil service divisions to Commander Nylykerka
Commander Orlok to Coruscant Health Office
Coruscant Health Official to Cypher
Cypher Bos to Dark Lord of Belderone
Dark Lord of the Sith to Decaleg
Decalegs to Dica
Dica system to Drallan
Drallan Enclave to Duursema
Duus to Embo/Canon
Embra to Ettam massacre
Ettarue Arm to Felacat
Felacat system to Floater (creature)
Floater (ship) to Fury-class Imperial Interceptor
Fury-class Imperial Transport to Gar (Talz)
Gar (disambiguation) to Ginger 2
Ginger 3 to Grawley family
Graxol to H2
H2-1 to Heavy combat suit
Heavy concussion missile to Hook-point scarf
Hook (alias) to IPV-1
IPV-1 Patrol Craft to Imperial research station (Itai Nebula)
Imperial riot trooper to Ivatch
Ivatch system to Jedi Apprentice: The Shattered Peace
Jedi Apprentice: The Threat Within to John McEvoy
John McLaughlin to Kal'buir
Kal'falnl C'ndros to Keshtah Chronicles
Keshtah Major to Kor Vella Cantina
Kor Vella Hotel to Lady Maladi
Lady Marri to Levier
LevitaRest to Lord Grathan
Lord Grathan's Army to Mad Clone of Kaikielius
Mad Dog Momo to Maridun Lurmen colony
Maridun system to Medbay
Medcenter to Mind uploading
Mindabaal to Mon Calamari Rangers
Mon Calamari Regiment to Myssith
Mysteries of Galactic Science to Nelvana Studios
Nelwyn to Noreti
Norg to Oliver Collin
Oliver Döring to Otwi Opawl
Ou'tranoi to Pedric Cuf
Pedric Tosh to Plawal rift
PlayStation to Proliferan Empire
Promanda to R2-Mart
R2-N3 to Raw Deal
Raw rancor-beast liver to Repeating laser cannon
Repel All Boarders to Rilctur
Rilctur carbine to Rulaan Prolik
Rulaar to Sandmaggot
Sandmice to Security/Maintenance droid
Security/maintenance droid to Shadowcloak
Shadowcloak (disguise) to Silver Falcon
Silver Falcon rotorcraft to Slicer droid
Slicers to Spectre of the Past
Spectre of the past to Star Wars: Empire 7: Sacrifice
Star Wars: Empire 8: Darklighter, Part 1 to Star Wars 3-D 3
Star Wars 3-D 3: The Dark Side of Dantooine to Star Wars Rebellion 10
Star Wars Rebellion 10: The Ahakista Gambit, Part 5 to Story of the Faithful Wookiee
Storyteller to SytheTech
Sythluss Leethe to Tanea
Taneka Shirru to Teph
Tephan to The Ice Cream Man
The Ice Demon to Thila
Thila (Sullustan) to Tomorrowland
Tomral heavy laser cannon to Trigon 1
Trigon One to Ulfor Bombaasa
Ulgo to Unidentified Imperial crewmember
Unidentified Imperial cruiser (Flankers) to Unidentified Usk species
Unidentified Usk–Moralan hyperlane to Universal definition of life
Universal energy cage to Vazus Mandrake
Vcikas to Vol Barad
Vol Hamame to Weather and Climate Control Center
Weather control to X-201 Searing Saboteur
X-202 battle rifle to Yinchorri incident
Yinchorri language to Zone Control
Zone N7 to “Gundark” Saff

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