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"A" Squad to 96th Regiment
9757 BBY to Admirals
Admirals of the Coreworlds to Alliance Special Ops
Alliance Starbird to Anyara
Anyarah to Assault platoon
Assault proton torpedo to Backstab
Backstab (magazine) to Battle of Bilbringi (9 ABY)
Battle of Bilbringi (Yuuzhan Vong War) to Baylin Cluster system
Baylis Archan to Black Dust Tavern
Black Eight to Borealis (New Republic)
Borealis (cruiser) to Bundar root
Bundil to Capper
Capper spineflap to Challabae Admits-No-Equal Aerial Eruptive Manufacturing Concern
Challat Compromise to City on the hills
City people to Commander Fleet Operations
Commander Fox to Coruscant Central
Coruscant Central Court to Cyceyed
Cyclea Station to Dark Hope
Dark Horse to Debbie Lee Carrington
Debbie Shaw to Diamond-class Cruiser
Diamond-class cruiser to Dragon trooper
Dragon trooper (Wookiee) to Duska Murgo
Duskhan League to Elshuu
Elsinore-Cordova to Esyam
Esyram system to Feen Feneeb
Feen Fenoob to Flight Leader
Flight Officer to Fun Works Play To Learn
Fun World Founder's Day to Gankto tree
Ganlihk to Gil Taylor
Gil Varad to Gravane station
Gravane system to Gyrocraft
Gyroscopic stabilizer to Heavy Assault Vehicle/repulsorlift A9 Floating Fortress
Heavy Assault Vehicle/repulsorlift C10 Siege Tower to Homing beacon
Homing cluster missile to IG-110 Lightsaber Droid
IG-110 lightsaber droid to Imperial frigate
Imperial fringe rebellions to Istuvi
Isu-Sim to Jeanne Reynolds
Jeapird ke Fanax to Joe Lee
Joe Liss to Kage
Kage Warriors to Kerdos Company Recycling Plant
Kerebba to Konnik
Kono to Laabann
Laait to Lethal Alliance
Lethal Allliance to Loonda
Loonee bird to Maalraas
Maalrass to March 6
March 7 to Meatdroid
Meatfruit to Millfly
Milli Bufflin to Molavar
Molavar system to Mygeeto Burns
Mygeeto Clone Troopers to Neil Barani
Neil Edwards to Non-canon
Non-com to Old Janx Spirit
Old Jawa to Osten Dal'Nay (article)
Osten Dal'nay to Pavilion
Pavilion C to Plasma bridge
Plasma cannon to Proctor
Proctor (Yevethan) to R-4 recon droid
R-500 Grandmaster Emissary's scattergun to Rata Nebula system
Rata nebula to Renegade Flight
Renegade Leader to Riflor system
Riflorii A to Rrush'hok ichnar vinim'hok
Rruurrfhurra to Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson: The Jedi Returns to Section 2127
Section 2127 (Imperial Code) to Shados
Shadow to Sigrix Slix
Sigweed to Slave 4
Slave I to Spartan
Spartiate to Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 5
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force War to Star Wars: X-wing Tour of Duty: B-wing
Star Wars: X-wing Tour of Duty: Imperial Pursuit to Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars advertisement
Star Wars Miniatures: The Dark Times to Storm 28
Storm 29 to Syncloth sheet
Syncronics to Tama
Tama Burr to Temptor
Temuera Morrison to The Graf-Spanners
The Grand Audience Chamber to Theory of Universal Reference
Theory of universal reference to Tolea Biqua Central Enforcement Agency
Tolea Biqua Security Corporation to Tri-Planetary Atmospherics
Tri-Scythe-class frigate to Ucret
Ucret system to Unidentified Human keyboardist (Blockade of Kashyyyk)
Unidentified Human male (Corporate Alliance) to Unidentified Trade Federation Superfreighter (Lok)
Unidentified Trade Federation Superfreighter (Naboo) to Unidentified wounded Naboo guard 3
Unidentified wroshyr tree to Varlo
Varlo Brim to Vocatara
Vocis to Wavegunner
Wavegunners to Wumdi
Wunana to Yellowblade
Yellowblade's Landing to Ziris Enz
Zirku to “Gundark” Saff

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