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Special Edition Limited
Publication information

Star Wars Customizable Card Game


Decipher, Inc.

Publication date

November 1998

General information
No. of cards

324 cards

162 Dark Side
162 Light Side
Preceded by

Jabba's Palace Limited

Followed by

Endor Limited

The Special Edition Limited set was the sixth full expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, a card game based on the Star Wars universe. It consisted of 324 cards (162 Dark Side and 162 Light Side cards) and was introduced in November of 1998. This set consisted of 120 rare, 80 uncommon, 80 common, and 44 fixed cards (only available in Starter decks). This was the only set produced for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game that spanned all three movies of the original trilogy; it was also the only set that included elements and images from the Special Edition releases. This set also was noted for introducing objectives to game play which altered game play to some degree (they were also the first double sided cards in the game's history). This set was sold in 9 card expansion packs and 30 pack expansion boxes. Each pack included one rare card, three uncommon cards and five common cards. Starter decks were also produced for this set. They included 60 cards each, an updated rulebook, and a glossary. These decks also included fixed cards (these were the only fixed cards in the Star Wars CCG universe that were not considered premium cards). In these fixed cards, the B-wing fighter was introduced for the first time. Starter decks were sold in 12 deck display boxes. This set is arguably one of the more significant sets in the Star Wars CCG universe, because of the sheer volume of new cards and elements added to gameplay when this expansion set came out. An unlimited version of this set was never produced.

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