"If its got eggs and an exoskeleton, we know how to kill it."
―Sergeant Namada.[src]

The Special Tactics Group 41-Delta, also known as the Bughunters or Bughunter Division, were part of the Imperial military of the reborn Sith Empire. They were dedicated in operations against insectoid species that meant that they were able to perform elimination missions, hive extractions, or deploying xenotoxic torpedoes. The team was similarly equipped for their role which meant that they were armed with chitin-piercing rounds and insecticide gas. This specialization meant that they excelled in targeting races such as Geonosian, Gand and Verpine.

During the Cold War, the unit was involved in operations against the Colicoids on Balmorra but were reassigned to Alderaan. They were tasked with containing the Killik threat in order to allow the Empire's allies in House Thul to operate unobstructed during the conflict over the Alderaanian throne. The Imperial Science Bureau provided attractor tech such as the Brood Totem to test its effects in luring Killiks to enemy territory.

Whilst synchronizing the equipment, the group was opposed by the soldiers of House Organa and were ill-equipped with battling this force. Thus, they tasked a special representative of the Empire with retrieving the Totem from Killik territory and placing it within the holdings of House Organa for testing.


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