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Tarkin Paramilitary Troops

ORSF Special Tactics trooper are attacked on the surface of Troiken.

Special Tactics troopers were elite soldiers of the Republic Outland Regions Security Force. They wore bulky uniforms.[1]


During the Stark Hyperspace War, the ORSF fleet was trounced and the survivors evacuated to the surface of Troiken, where they holed up in Mount Avos. There, Special Tactics troopers fought several battles before the siege was lifted with the Stark Collective's defeat in the Fifth Battle of Qotile.[2]

The Special Tactics troopers were the predecessors of the Imperial Army Special Missions troopers.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Republic-affiliated troopers that appeared in the 2001 comic arc Republic: The Stark Hyperspace War were retconed by The Essential Guide to Warfare as being the Special Tactics troopers from the Rogue Planet novel.[3]



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