SWE1R (Spice Mine Run)

Spice Mine Run was a podracing course on Mon Gazza and the seventh race of the Amateur Podracing Circuit. This track was known for its multiple branches that split in many directions during the race.


Live Race- Mon Gazza- Spice Mine Run

"Bullseye" Navior at the Spice Mine Run.

The final race of the Circuit, pods lined up in Miner's Town, taking off towards digging sites. Here, the track split into two directions, then three, and eventually four; they all led to the same destination, with racers being forced to dodge giant cranes in the process. As the track came around, the lanes split into three again. Meeting up onto a single lane, the course ran next to an ore loader which could destroy a podracer. The lane then took the racers through the spice mines and around a giant pit of toxic industrial waste. The course made its way through a pair of corkscrew cages and sent the racers back through Miner's Town, where they began the process all over again.

Excellent braking ratings along with top speed were necessary to stay ahead in this race because of the disorienting caves and numerous long stretches of land to cover.

Tournament and Race NumberEdit

This course was the seventh and final race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit tournament.

Track FavoriteEdit

  • Mars Guo
    • Lap Time: 01:29.470
    • Race Time: 04:30.880
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