"Crossing a spice lord is not the smartest thing to do, since there's the distinct possibility that it'll be that last thing you'll do"
―Unknown spice trader[src]

The spice lords of Sevarcos II were the most revered and powerful of the clan lords of the Sevari people, and were delegated vast stretches of land by their people. They were devoted to trading spice and making interstellar profit from it in the names of the clans they represented. The market price on spice was ultimately set by the spice lords who also regulated the production, negotiated trade agreements, and selected regions for spice mining and extraction.

Relations with the EmpireEdit

They were somewhat mysterious, seldom seen by even their own people, and generally claimed no allegiance to anyone except themselves - not even the Empire, who controlled most of the spice trade and extraction in the years of the Galactic Civil War.

Many spice lords would openly contract the Empire to mine spice on their lands, using inmates in the Imperial penal colony on the planet, while others ignored the Empire and mined and traded spice themselves, having little interest in galactic politics and power relations.

Known Spice LordsEdit

During the Galactic Civil War the three most well known and powerful spice lords were:

Festival of the High WindsEdit

The Festival of the High Winds was an annual meeting of the spice lords during which they would participate in various ceremonies, rituals, and discussions regarding the spice trade, while the Sevari youths would participate in wind rider racing tournaments.


By the time of the Bordal Contagion of 214 BBY, the Tamarin sector was part of the Galactic Republic. However the Republic authority had ceased to exist beyond Kabal and the sector had fallen into anarchy. Its Republic senator was a spice lord from Sevarcos II and his Sector Fleet was only assigned to protect spice haulers.[1]


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