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Spid was a Rodian bounty hunter who worked with a Human woman and a Whiphid.


The group were on the trail of Jedi Master Quinlan Vos on Socorro. After tracking him for two weeks in and around the Razoor Mountains, losing two partners in the process, they finally found him in a junkyard. There, Vos was with a young Han Solo. When Vos was distracted saving Solo from a sarlacc, the bounty hunters almost captured Vos, who jumped into the sarlacc to protect himself. While Spid tried to shot him with his blaster, he was knocked to the ground by Solo.

While the bounty hunters discussed their next move, Vos launched himself out of the sarlacc's maw and attacked them with his lightsaber. Both Spid and his partner were killed.

Spid was fond of telling his partners that Humans all looked the same with their heads removed, in an attempt to convince them to cheat on bounties and use a replacement body.


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