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"This savage looking armor protects its wearer from enemy Droids AND hugs."
―Spiked trooper armor description[src]

Spiked troopers were specialized clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic.

They had a similar design to the Advanced Recon Force trooper armor with a black visor, various red spiked patterns on the chest armor, shoulder armor, leg armor, shin armor, and helmet, as well as green and yellow spike-like protrusions jutting out of the helmet, shoulder armor, and leg armor, with the thicker ones being yellow and the thinner ones being green. The armor was apparently able to protect the wearer from not just enemy droids, but also physical contact. The Clone commando Barrage wore customized versions of this uniform.

Behind the scenesEdit

The spiked trooper was a purchasable outfit in the online game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. It was released during the Halloween Tricks or Treats event.

Aside from its status as a purchasable uniform, it also made an appearance of sorts in-game with the character Barrage.


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