"I like the one about the spine trees of Pelamir Gorge. I went there often as a juvenile. I remember the sound the wind made in the tree cones and the taste of the root tea. And the crisp smell of the needles in winter. The forests are all cut down now. Turned into mines and machines."
―Old Jho, recalling Lothal's past[src]

Spine trees were trees that grew on the planet Lothal. They had cones that made sounds when rustled by the wind and their needles had a crisp smell in winter. Root tea could be made from them. After reading poetry written about them by Holshef, Old Jho recalled these things about them, but lamented the fact that the Empire had cut down the forests in which they grew, such as in Pelamir Gorge, replacing them with mines and machines.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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