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The "Spineless Headcheese" was a small, seven-legged invertebrate. He was Orion Ferret's companion and often rested on Ferret's shoulder or clung to his head. If need be, the Spineless Headcheese could curl into a ball and roll along, easily keeping up with Ferret at running speed. It frequently made noises, which most often sounded like "skek".


The Spineless Headcheese never left Orion Ferret's presence during an incident when Ferret tried and failed to cheat Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian.

Behind the scenesEdit

At one point Orion Ferret called the creature a "spineless headcheese". In context it was probably an insult, but it is the closest thing to a designation it received.

The Spineless Headcheese could possibly be sentient. Orion Ferret spoke to the creature as if it were intelligent, and the creature seemed to respond with variations of "skek".