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Spirakris Zarem
Spirakris Zarem
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Old Republic era[1]

"I used to be military then a diplomat. But not anymore. Now, I represent a group of loyal citizens, willing to go to any length to protect the true Republic from its enemies."
―Spirakris Zarem[src]

Spirakris Zarem was a female Human who worked as a Senate page, but she actually represented a group of individuals who supported their ideal of the True Republic during Cold War with the resurgent Sith Empire.


"I was raised there. My father was an admiral and my mother was a Senator, but they were both killed during the war."
―Zarem talking about the Senate Building[src]

A Human female, Spirakris Zarem was born to a Admiral father and a Senator mother, living on Coruscant and growing up in and around the Senate Building. Orphaned during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire, Zarem joined the Republic Army, eventually leaving that career to begin work as a diplomat. During the Cold War, Zarem began work independently, joining a group of individuals that supported an ideal they called the True Republic. Believing the Galactic Republic could only be strong when it was allied with the Jedi Order and the Sith were kept to a small number, Zarem worked on Coruscant to ensure the group's goals were met.[1]

As the Cold War dragged on, some members of the Galactic Senate grew weary of the stalemate. While milling around the Senate Plaza's taxi pad, Zarem discovered a plot by Senator Glearius Parvil to introduced legislation that would strip the Republic of the Jedi Order and align with the Sith in a more formal manner, granting their occupation of the galaxy legal. In order to prevent this, Zarem commissioned an independent agent to enter the Senate Building and sabotage the Senator's courier droid and steal a particular parcel that would serve as evidence against him. Because she was on Senate Security's watchlist she could not enter the building herself; Zarem was crestfallen when her agent reported back saying they had turned over the parcel to a Senate page.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Spirakris Zarem appears in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Coruscant quest called "The Politics of Dissent". The player can also choose to turn the parcel over to Zarem. This article assumes the player made the light side choice.



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