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The Spiverelda was a name given by certain Aqualish species—in particular the Harch and some Ualaq—for the government of Ando and its colonies in the Lambda sector.


Historically a violent, turbulent region characterised by despotism, in the last century of the Galactic Republic various Andoan colony worlds attempted to declare independence from the Spiverelda, forming the Andoan Free Colonies. Supported by the Harch, the Spiverelda fought the Free Colonies in the Andoan Wars of 57-39 BBY. The Spiverelda almost achieved victory until their ruthless tactics encouraged the Galactic Republic to intervene, separating the two sides and demilitarizing the sector.

This sudden reversal of fortunes radicalized the Spiveralda's leadership: more than a decade later during the Separatist Crisis, Ando became one of the first worlds to secede from the Republic and join Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems.


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