"Holy irrebducible garbágina!"

SplrMuck was an Ugor scavenger who led an Ugor salvage team on the planet Almas.[2] Two years after the destruction of Almas Academy in the city of Forard,[3] SplrMuck's group found a half-destroyed droid near the ruins of Almas Academy. However, a team of Squib scavengers contested the Ugors' claim to the droid, and SplrMuck got into a tug-of-war over it with the their leader, Jiminaldo-mabbramsti. A group of strangers chanced upon the scene. The strangers helped settle the dispute and even offered to barter for the droid.[1]

No sooner had the dispute been diffused, though, when Dark Lizards attacked all present from the academy's tower.[4] The beasts attempted to surround their prey and ensnare them with long, black tongues.[5] SplrMuck and his crew joined the outsiders and the Squibs in destroying the strange creatures. Afterward, SplrMuck respected and admired the offworlders, and he felt himself more receptive to them and gave them more favorable deals.[4]

SplrMuck wore a space suit.[6] At the time his group encountered the strangers at the academy ruins, they had already salvaged a clone trooper utility belt, a "holy holocron" data cube, and a Stokhli spray stick.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

SplrMuck is a gamemaster-controlled character in the adventure Echoes of the Jedi for the Star Wars: Saga Edition roleplaying game. He is part of an encounter in which the feuding Squibs and Ugors stand in the character's path to the information the droid 7-A39 has to offer. The characters have many options to gain access to the droid, including Force powers like the Jedi mind trick. Nevertheless, the characters are intended to settle the dispute peacefully through negotiation rather than violence. The adventure awards players experience for the encounter as if it were a battle.[1]

If they so wish, players can negotiate with SplrMuck and his crew for the items they have salvaged or for parts to repair their ship should it need it.[1]


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