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"If Rogun goes down, as far as anyone's concerned, I did it single-handedly. With a spoon."
"Blindfolded and after four shots of Corellian whiskey. Of course."
―The Voidhound and Darmas Pollaran[src]
Kneesaa spoon

Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka with a spoon.

A spoon was a utensil that could be used by sapient beings to consume food. It also served the purpose of stirring a drink.[1] General Kenobi was known to have used a spoon to stir his tarine tea while he talked with General Whorm Loathsom during the Battle of Christophsis.[2] Twenty-two years later, Luke Skywalker along with Owen and Beru Lars had a meal where spoons were used to eat with[3]. In this same year, Kenobi compared Darth Vader's little perception of the Force's power with a spoon's perception of the taste of food.[4] In 3 ABY, Luke Skywalker was known to have once again used a spoon when eating food prepared by Master Yoda.[5]

Spoons appear to be able to made out of different materials, such as metal, wood and plastic.


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