The sporting blaster rifle was a less lethal version of the blaster rifle that was popular with the galactic elite as well as among fringers living in isolated colonies.


The sporting blaster rifle was the rifle version of the sporting blaster pistol. It was very similar to the hunting blaster.[3] They were primarily intended for game-hunting on frontier worlds with high wildlife populations.[3] They were light, easy to carry, and very accurate. Sporting blaster rifles had a shorter range and packed less power than a standard blaster rifle, though they had the advantage of being more affordable and required less bureaucratic hassle to obtain. As a result of this, the weapon became common with assassins and bounty hunters who were able to circumvent the legal restrictions against heavier rifles. Sporting blaster rifles often had a targeting scope mounted on them.[1]

Luke Skywalker kept a sporting blaster rifle in his landspeeder on Tatooine.[1] He had also used it to "bullseye womp rats in his T-16."[2]



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