"This world's too easy to get lost on, I figure. All I gotta do is enter our destination, like this... Level 86, megablock 4, block 2, subblock 13."
Han Solo, navigating Imperial Coruscant[src]

A spot-on locator was a tiny navigational device essential for travelers on densely urbanized worlds, especially Coruscant. Locators weighed less than an ounce, fit easily in the palm of most humanoid species, and consisted of a screen, three or four buttons, and a tiny comlink. The comlink tied in with a system of geosynchronous satellites to provide a detailed interactive map with the quickest route to any destination the user chose to input. Because locators required a satellite system to function, they were useless when taken offworld. A locator designed for Coruscant would be useless, for example, on Eriadu or Anaxes. Locators were cheap and often free, provided at no charge by the host world's board of tourism. Corporations often gave out free spot-on locators that mixed in advertising with the map feature and directed users to visit their store locations; Biscuit Baron was notorious for the practice. Displaying a spot-on locator prominently tended to identify one as an offworlder or tourist.