The Spotlight sloth, or spot-light sloth, or Dagobah swamp sloth, was a large furry mammal native to the swamps of Dagobah. The sloth was covered in a waterproof greenish-brown fur. They were so named because of the blue bioluminescent patches beneath the leathery skin on their hairless chests. These "spotlight" patches, when revealed, were used to induce plants and fungi to unfold and/or burst. The sloth would then use its small paws to quickly stuff food in to its toothless mouth.


A pair of sloths.

Spotlight sloths favored fresh, succulent flowers along with the berries of the lahdia plant, but willingly ate other plants if necessary. In turn, sloths were preyed upon by Dagobah's knobby white spiders. One stab of the spider's venomous stinger could knock out an unlucky sloth.

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