The Spotty Conveyor was a Trade Federation scow that was transporting radioactive waste from Federation-owned factory worlds to PDC3141-02, a Mid Rim planetoid, in 22 BBY. Crewed by six beings, the ship was unable to dump its waste on the planetoid when scientists from the University of Sanbra discovered unicellular microbial life on PDC3141-02 and obtained an injunction to stop all dumping. The Conveyor was unable to leave the system, however, as it did not have enough fuel left to depart with a full load. To make matters worse, the Conveyor's rad-dampening shielding was failing; once the shielding was gone, the crew would be exposed to the radioactive waste. Federation Senator Lott Dod attempted to bypass the injunction and allow the scow to dump its cargo and leave the system.


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