Sprax was a Nalroni Vigo of and operator of various illegal trade groups.


Sprax' networks stretched across the galaxy and was made up of various smugglers, shipjacks, and black market traders. During the Galactic Civil War, Sprax made a considerable sum in trading weapons, medical supplies, and spare parts often, under Xizor's orders, favoring the Alliance to Restore the Republic over the Galactic Empire. Sprax's center of operations was the Sisar Run near Hutt Space.

Sprax began his career as a executive with the Celanon-based Jatayus Trading Consortium, but left that organization before rising to its leadership, instead taking a secret position in Black Sun. Under the aegis of the cartel, he served as an apprentice to a guildmaster on Brentaal IV, and later became a division supervisor with Xizor Transport Systems. From XTS, he retired, wealthy and still youthful.

It was then, however, that he gained the rank of Vigo. No longer young by c.3 ABY, he still held the rank, despite the short life expectancy of the typical Black Sun leader. By then, he became one of the foremost smuggler's patrons and fences in the Outer Rim. Outside of his fellow Vigo, Durga and the other Hutts, his main competition in the Sisar Run was the Antar Band, led by Ujin Voli.


Sprax was by 3 ABY an aging male Nalroni, so he concealed his graying fur with dye to give it the golden-brown hue of his youth. He wore the long tunic and tailed jackets typical of Brentaal merchants.

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