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Squarn was a junk dealer whom owned Squarn's Junkyard on the planet Muugrah. When anyone came to his junkyard, he would become filled with artificial friendliness and attempt to negotiate a fee to allow people to browse his property and for use of landing space in it. He was also willing to let people rent a repulsorlift skiff should they so desire. The fee would generally be 500 credits initially, plus 10 credits per hour for the skiff, although this fee was negotiable. Squarn would act as though any credit shaved off his fees was like taking food out of his corpulent mouth. He would also give any customers the most current computer map of the ships on his property, though he would be sure to go to great lengths to point out that it was free and it would generally not be entirely correct. When a group of Rebels landed their ship, the Transorb, on his property Squarn's assistant Klev met them before introducing them to Squarn. They required parts for their broken hyperdrive although, when they were browsing his junkyard, they came across the astromech droid R2-D6 in a battle damaged Rebel Y-wing which Squarn sold to them for 750 credits. The group were later attacked by a group of pirates who were after Deesix and so Squarn sent some of his mercenaries to help deal with them.