The Squib battering ram was a tool used for breaking through obstructions. The chassis rested on the user's shoulder, ending in a large, flat plate. After placing the ram end against an obstacle, the user switched the machine on. Pulses of energy then weakened the obstruction molecularly, and it eventually gave way. Fegegrish Heavy Industrials manufactured one model of Squib battering ram and sold it through the Galladinium Galactic Exports catalogue. One such battering ram was used by the Bartokks (and, subsequently, by Jedi Grand Master Yoda) in the insectoid assassins' attempt to destroy the Corulag Academy.[4]

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"No, it's not made by the trash-scavenging Squibs, thank space."
Chentu Chek[src]
Sources disagree about whether the Squib battering ram was designed by the Squibs or merely named for them. The book Galladinium's Fantastic Technology implies Squib design for the weapon, saying the Squibs would "never admit" that the battering ram could be used to get into banking institutions.[5] The book Ultimate Alien Anthology gives a description of the battering ram immediately after its description of the Squib species;[3] the book explains that items such as this are included as equipment that is available to members of the species.[6] Meanwhile, the book Scum and Villainy explains that the battering ram was specifically designed for the Squib species, though not necessarily by them.[7] Nevertheless, Boba Fett, the narrator of The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, states that the device was merely named for the Squibs due to their ability to get into places they do not belong.[8]



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