Squire Kinning was a female Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. She participated in quelling the Arkanian Revolution.


A member of the Jedi Order, Squire Kinning live on Coruscant in the Jedi Temple and was taken as a Padawan by one of the Order's Jedi Masters. In 50 BBY, Kinning was assigned to accompany Knight Mace Windu and Master Aqinos to Arkania to assist in ending the Arkanian Revolution taking place on the world's surface.[1]

While fighting against the Arkanian Renegades, Kinning lost one of her arms during the conflict and was brought back to the Temple for healing. Equipped with a cybernetic arm, Kinning's situation was considered by the Jedi High Council. Ultimately, the Council decided to consider her loss evidence of her passing her Trial of the Flesh, one of the five tests she would face to become a Knight. Continuing her service to the Order, she was an acquaintance of the young Obi-Wan Kenobi.[1]


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