Sreas was a demanding but fair officer in the New Republic Defense Force. In late 16 ABY, Captain Sreas commanded the fleet shuttle Tampion carrying Commodore Han Solo to the Fifth Battle Group. With information provided by Tig Peramis, a Yevethan force, which included the former Imperial Interdictor cruiser, Imperator, ambushed Tampion 91-light years outside of the Koornacht Cluster, while en route to the rendezvous. When the shuttle was boarded, Sreas attempted to fight off the Yevethan troops, but only managed to accidentally shoot Solo in the right arm before taking a fatal blaster shot to the chest.

His corpse was brought into the holding cell alongside Solo and Lieutenant Barth where Barth told Solo of Sreas's unnamed children, wife, and the holo of her that he always carried. Barth also stated that Sreas was a collector of glass animals.