"For the next few standard months all our agents, regardless of whether or not they are reptilian, should be wary of Ssach'thirix: he is undoubtedly still very sore (both physically and otherwise) from his recent attempt on Lt. Commander Xenon Nnaksta."
Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Ssach'thirix was a Shatra bounty hunter operating during the Galactic Civil War. He usually carried a light repeating blaster, a blaster pistol, and grenades as weapons of choice, plus manacles and an Imperial Peace Keeping Cerfiticate.

Ssach'thirix was specialized in the hunting of sentient reptilians, for unknown reasons. Some theories suggested that he might believe in the superiority of the Shatras over other reptilian species.

Ssach'thirix claimed the bounties on many Rebel operatives, including Larkor, a Barabel, and Thlan-sa, a Kath. Rebel Intelligence wanted Ssach'thirix because of this.

A successful hunter, he had only failed a limited amount of times, including an attempt on the life of special operative Jungen and a well-documented attack on Rebel lieutenant commander Xenon Nnaksta: Nnaksta and fellow Rebel Adazian Liebke were gathering supplies for a Rebel cell on Pii III and were tracked by Ssach'thirix. Ssach'thirix chased Liebke and Nnaksta who, believing Ssach'thirix was an Imperial bounty hunter, asked for reinforcement in the form of Kichiir and other associates. Ssach'thirix was eventually bruised and beaten, but he survived.

Ssach'thirix and bounty hunter Kal-tan-shi had been rivals with for years, with each of them trying to disturb the hunting of the other.


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