"Why do you approach the mighty Ssevrek?"

Ssevrek was a male Trandoshan imprisoned on Belsavis during the Cold War. Under his leadership, a gang of Trandoshan prisoners was able to capture and fortify a vault inside the prison's High Security Section. Ssevrek and his men were devout followers of the traditions of the Scorekeeper and the Empire sought to take advantage of their customs to force them into servitude. To ensure the success of this, Captain Vandorn sent strong warriors to fight Ssevrek and beat him in combat in order to turn him and his men into slaves due to their strict code of honor which forced them into obedience after defeat. After his loss, Ssevrek was dishonored but was told by the victors that he could regain his honor with the Scorekeeper by fighting the prisoners the Empire needed to defeat. The Empire's fighters then either enslaved Ssevrek and his men or demanded that Vandorn show respect to them and their traditions.

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