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This article contains information that originated from an unlicensed Star Wars Legends source.

This article's subject originated in a source that was released outside of the Lucas Licensing process, and its licensing status was never confirmed by Lucasfilm Ltd.

Sssiii was a male Slith of red coloration, weighing 60 kilograms. He was somehow obtained by the Galactic Circus and toured with them on a number of worlds, including Tatooine. Sssiii had only limited intelligence, corresponding to that of a 10-year-old Human, and was unable to speak to its companions; Sssiii communicated instead by striking the ground with his tail. During circus performances, Sssiii provided entertainment by playing chess against the spectators.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sssiii appears as a non-player character in the roleplaying adventure Le facteur X, published in Casus Belli. This is a French gaming magazine and it is unknown whether the article went through licensing; therefore Sssiii's canonicity is ambiguous.


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