Stacy was an X-wing pilot serving the Rebel Alliance under General Carlist Rieekan around the time of the Battle of Yavin. Shortly after the battle, she was attracted to and flirted with Han Solo. Solo returned her attention, mostly to antagonize Princess Leia Organa.

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Stacy, as she appears in the Pink Five fan film

The appearance of Stacy in the novel Allegiance was an homage to the protagonist of the Pink Five fan films, who harbors an infatuation with Han Solo and exhibits antagonism towards Leia.[1]

The first film, which was directed by Trey Stokes and featured Amy Earhart as Stacy,[2] was George Lucas's favorite in the 2003 Fan Film Awards.[source?] Author Timothy Zahn, another fan of Pink Five,[3] included Stacy in Allegiance as "a little nod to all the fan films in general, but focused on Pink Five."[4]

In the novel, Zahn spelled Stacy's name differently from what Stokes had intended ("Stacey"); however, Stokes noted that "it's never actually spelled in the films, not even in the credits, so it's not like there was any reference for Tim to work from."[5]


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