8th Division

8th Division Staff Corporal

Staff Corporal was a military rank used by the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

The rank of Staff Corporal appears only in Star Wars Galaxies. In the real world, Staff Corporal is an NCO rank in the Household Division of the British Army, which uses variations on the rank of corporal for all NCO and Warrant Officer ranks. It is equivalent to an infantry Staff Sergeant, or in American usage, a US Army Sergeant First Class or a USMC Gunnery Sergeant.

Where these corporal grades are used for NCOs, the rank for an ordinary soldier is trooper. As "trooper" is widely found in Star Wars, it may have inspired the reference to "Staff Corporal" in Galaxies. However, in Star Wars, it is the rank title alone that is strictly canon. Where it fits in the rank hierarchy appears not to have been defined.



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