Stalimur was a stormy planet of windswept moors in the Tion Cluster. It sat on the Tion Trade Route in the Back Spiral beyond the Indrexu Nebula, and like many Back Spiral worlds, it was fairly poor and undeveloped.[1][2]


Stalimur and the Back Spiral worlds were conquered by Xer VIII prior to 25,130 BBY and became part of the Kingdom of Cron, which in 25,126 BBY became the Empire of Xim the Despot until its collapse in 25,100 BBY at the Third Battle of Vontor.[2]

After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Stalimur and the rest of the Back Spiral worlds were joined with the Livien Worlds to form the Tion Hegemony sector.[2]


Stalimur's farmers were known for surliness and dourness. Pirates had a long history of operating from the system's asteroid belts, and were considered to be especially vicious.[2]

Like many planets in the cluster, the Stalimurans observed a winter holiday in memory of the Devouring, the destruction of much of Xim's empire by the Hutts after his defeat at Vontor: pious males would light candles and spend the night in silent confession at shrines built for the occasion, atoning for the sins of the previous year.[2]


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