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Stalker Armor M1-10,[1] also known as Stalker Armor[4] was a model of bounty hunting armor manufactured by Salus Corporation on Rodia.[1]

Stalker armor provided full coverage of the head, torso, back, shoulders, groin, thighs, forearms, and shins; the M1-10 was a sturdy armor capable of defending against both kinetic and energy based attacks. The suit as a whole had considerable respect in the bounty hunting community due to its versatility.[1] A suit of stalker armor almost universally identified an individual as a bounty hunter; something that could be a benefit to those who used intimidation.[2] The suit came stock with an integrated Tangler Elite 1, DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle, and an ejectable gauntlet blade, all located in the right gauntlet. The armor also came stock with a sensor pod and on board targeting computer.[1]

The suit was used extensively by Rodians, as Salus Corporation was a Rodian based company, but the armor also could be custom fit to a variety of species, with a cut down version that offered lesser protection also being available.[1] It was often worn by Rodian enforcers who worked for Black Sun.[3]




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