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Stalwart was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer of unspecified subclass in the service of the Imperial Remnant Starfleet during Yuuzhan Vong War.


At the time of the Battle of Bastion, Stalwart was stationed as part of the defenses of Yaga Minor, under the command of Moff Kurlen Flennic. Assuming Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon to have perished in the battle, Flennic attempted to take command of the Empire using Stalwart as his flagship,[1] but was forced to surrender her when Pellaeon emerged alive, albeit wounded and in a bacta tank, both of which were unknown to Flennic.

Stalwart participated in the tactical withdrawal from Yaga Minor to the planet Borosk, where it was tasked with leading Fleet Group Stalwart, one of four temporary battlegroup created for the defense of the planet.[2] During the Battle of Borosk, Stalwart, along with Protector sustained heavy damage. At the conclusion of the battle, Stalwart remained in-system to lead the "mopping-up" efforts against the remains of the retreating Yuuzhan Vong fleet.[3]

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Another Star Destroyer by the same name exists, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Stalwart, featured in the computer game Star Wars: TIE Fighter as one of Vice Admiral Thrawn's flagships. Because The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: Remnant does not specify which class of "Star Destroyer" Stalwart belonged to, it remains possible that these two vessels are one and the same; however, given the fact that the other Star Destroyers engaged at Borosk were Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and that Stalwart was the flagship of one of the four battlegroups, it's more than likely that Stalwart was as well.


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