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"Take 'em away, Stan!"
―Imperial stormtrooper on Tol Ado[src]

Stan was a repulsorcraft operator on the prison world of Tol Ado. The Imperial worked in the Deathblock carrying away the bodies of prisoners who had died under interrogation.


In 0 ABY, Stan was carrying bodies with the assistance of several droids. Luke Skywalker, who had been captured by Imperials and deposited in the Deathblock was able to feign his death by slowing down his vital signs through the Force. His "dead" body was placed in a litter and attached to Stan's repulsorcraft who carried him alongside several other dead bodies to a processing center. Unknown to Stan, Skywalker slipped off of his litter and escaped into the corridors of the prison.

Behind the scenesEdit

Stan was created by Troy Denning and appeared in one of the role-playing strands of the 1990 West End Games role-playing supplement Jedi's Honor. The branch of the story in which Stan is encountered is the result of the reader causing Luke Skywalker to be captured by the Empire. As this role-playing strand results in Skywalker failing his mission despite escaping the prison, it can be assumed that Stan's role in the story is non-canon whether or not his presence on Tol Ado is canon.


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