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Starkiller charging

A star being drained to power Starkiller Base's superweapon.

Stars were large, incandescent celestial bodies made of burning plasma and gas that gave off heat, light and radiation.[1] Stars formed through a collision of energies in the form of pressure and heat.[2] In the night sky, remote stars looked like mere points of light. Stars that were the central body of a planetary system were referred to as suns. In some cases, a planetary system could contain several suns, as was the case around the planets of Tatooine[3] and Mon Cala.[4] A planet revolving around a star normally received light and warmth from it,[5] although there were exceptions. Umbara was known as the "Shadow World" because the rays of its sun never completely reached the planet's surface, keeping it in perpetual darkness.[6] Stars went through various stages during their life, such as a yellow dwarf star expanding to become a red giant.[5]


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Because space travel is a central part of Star Wars, stars appear in many Star Wars works. This a list of media in which stars and suns are specifically mentioned (not including common compounds like "star system", "starship", "starfighter" or "Star Destroyer", or names like "Death Star" or "Black Sun").

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