Star's Nova was a mercenary organization, that operated during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Star's Nova was an elite mercenary force that could deploy at short notice and take on difficult missions. It was made up mainly of people who had previously been special forces troops for the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire, so as a result, most of the group's strategies were based on those used by the Alliance and the Empire.

Star's Nova teams were lead by field commanders, who were the trusted associates of Qell Tepine, the leader of Star's Nova; and they were responsible for the successful completion of missions. Mercenaries could specialize within the organization, as reconnaissance specialists, light weapons specialists, heavy weapons specialists, intelligence specialists, communications and electronics specialists, demolitions specialists, or as medics.


During the Galactic Civil War, Star's Nova worked extensively for the Alliance to Restore the Republic and co-operated with the Alliance in delaying the Empire's project to design and build the TIE/IN interceptor.

Star's Nova later worked against the Alliance's successor, the New Republic, by taking out assignments from the Empire, the pirate Safonne Pendon and the crime lord Jor Idrall. When the Empire attacked a Republic base in the Farseen system, they hired a Star's Nova strike team to infiltrate the facility.


The headquarters of Star's Nova was Sondarr Base, which was located in the Lunnes Wastes, on the world Sondarr. It held nearly all of the group's equipment, but only about 100 people were based there. The rest of the mercenaries were based in smaller, regional bases, that were scattered across the galaxy.