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"Everything is good, as long as the Empire did not have a problem with it."
―StarEye principle[src]

The StarEye agency was a Private investigator agency founded during Rise of the Empire era and located in the Outer Rim.


Founded during Rise of the Empire era by Histip, the StarEye agency was located in Anchorhead, on Tatooine. In fifteen years, it became the biggest agency in the region.

Its reputation was coined by the resolve of the some famous affairs, such as the Elimination of the assassin droid of Larkar system.


The StarEye headquarters dominated one of the biggest place of Anchorhead.

The first floor was reserved for the customers and secretaryship, with two luxurious lounges, offices and a decade of computer terminals. On the second floor were conference and work rooms for the investigators. On the last floor was Histip's office.

Under the building was three levels dedidacted to the investigation learning, dormitories, dining halls, secret training rooms for both Martial Arts and weapons.


Stareye agency

An investigator from the StarEye agency.

The StarEye agency had no less than thirty investigators, with a half permanently on mission, and seven secretaries seconded by two translator droids. There was also five specialized teachers in close combat, security and observation equipment, burglary and falsification, droids and finally galactic cultures.

Anyone could be enlisted, provided they had the capacity. Recruitment intervened after a thorough file examination and the selection was rigorous. investigators are commonly retired bounty hunters, pirates, smugglers or mercenaries. Young enlisted benefited from advanced training after a probationary period.

Wages and equipmentEdit

Wages were never mentioned in the StarEye agency. Employees gained a modest "fixed" amount but, if they choose to leave the agency, they gained roughly ten percent of the fees received for their resolved affairs.

The StarEye possessed at least two YT-1300 light freighters amongst a total of three light freighters. There was also a large arsenal at the disposal of the investigators and, on the third subfloor, the agency maintained a workshop for gadgets such as communicators, blasters, explosive armlets, and other useful tools.

Customers and feesEdit

As the reputation of the agency was very good, customers from all the Sector came to use its services. Only rich individuals and important firms could engage Histip's staff, but the "boss" allowed himself to reject "dubious" affairs.

The StarEye agency rarely accepted affairs with interstellar travels without at least one hundred credits per day and per investigator, without counting the cost.