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Viscount, the first in a new line of heavy New Republic warships.

Star Defenders were heavy warships created for the New Republic. They took Republic ship-construction in a new direction, towards larger and more intimidating classes than previously built.[1]


The Black Fleet Crisis pointed out the weakness of relying only on smaller, compact warships. Following the conflict, design teams at Mon Calamari went to work on a concept that would become the largest battleship ever constructed at the Mon Calamari Shipyards, the Viscount-class Star Defender.[1]

It was envisioned that ships of this kind would help safeguard the New Republic, defend it against larger threats like the Imperial Remnant's Star Destroyers.[1] Because of the more benign purpose of the class, the ship-type was designated "Star Defender", to contrast the use of historically burdened terms like "Star Destroyer".

The first vessel commissioned was the lead ship of the class, Viscount.[1] During its construction, the face of galactic politics changed, with the formal end of the Galactic Civil War in 19 ABY and a gradual return to Galactic Republic-style infighting. Finally completed and commissioned in 25 ABY, Viscount went on its maiden voyage only weeks before the start of a galactic conflict that would see it put to good use, the Yuuzhan Vong War.[2]

As the war progressed, other Star Defenders joined the fleet, like the Corellian-designed Strident-class.[3] Following the war, many Stridents were gathered for Corellia's personal defense and would see action again, during the Second Galactic Civil War.[4]

At some point following the Second Galactic Civil War, heavy warships like the Star Defenders and Star Dreadnoughts were phased out of service, citing the expenses in operating the various designs.[5]

Known Star Defender classesEdit



Notes and referencesEdit

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