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This particular model of Star Destroyer served in the Galactic Empire.


The class appeared to be a hybrid of the Venator-class and the Imperial-class star destroyers, but was smaller than both and had a visual protrusion at the bow. The design had armor that could extend and retract around the vessel itself.

It was equipped with four main engines that were of a similar design to the engines of the Venator-class. It also shared the characteristic arrow-shaped command tower of the Venator-class.


A cruiser over Nar Shaddaa.


A fleet of this class was present and involved in the battle for the TIE Fighter Construction Facility. The battle took place sometime around 3 BBY and involved Galen Marek against Imperial forces. A few of this star destroyer class were also seen over Raxus Prime guarding an Imperial shipyard, with one being shot down by the cannon at the Imperial Ore Facility when Marek hijacked the controls.

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The vessel's concept art can be seen in The Force Unleashed's art gallery.[source?]



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