This article is about the Yevethan cruiser. You may be looking for Star Dream (transport).

The Star Dream was a cruiser serving with the forces of the Duskhan League in 16 ABY.


At the start of the Great Purge, Star Dream was the single ship sent by the Yevetha to destroy the small Brigian mining colony of New Brigia on the edge of the Koornacht Cluster.

The cruiser first landed a force of Yevethan soldiers in dropships, who massacred the settlers. Then, after the resistance had been destroyed, a broad-hulled cargo shuttle landed to seize the chromite ore and processing machinery. Less than an hour after it had landed, the shuttle took off again and moved away as the Star Dream sterilized the settlement with salvos from its heavy batteries.

Its mission complete, the cruiser returned through hyperspace to N'zoth with a cargo of plundered chromite.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Star Dream is not to be confused with the Star Morning, a Fallanassi starship that was also involved in the Black Fleet Crisis.