The Star Seeder-class Colony Ship was a hyperspace-capable colony transport made by Kuat Drive Yards.



A Star Seeder-class colonization ship with a Deep-X Explorer

The Star Seeder was 250 meters long, could transport 800 people and had a cargo capacity of 3,000 cubic meters into which could be stored 7,500 metric tons.[1] It was crewed by 169 people[2] and had room for up to 800 passengers. For defense, the class was armed with 6 turbolaser batteries, a tractor beam projector and a deflector shield.[1]

The cargo area was made into many different compartments, allowing colonists to transport different materials, tools, plants and wildlife in separate sections. The ship's hangar had enough space for a small shuttle, some speeders and other ground equipment, which could be brought down on a planet by the vessel itself.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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