"The last seat on this flight belongs to the Empire!"

Star Tours Flight 6311 was the designation of a Star Tours travel agency flight bound for Tatooine. The flight was fully booked by departure time, although a conflict broke out when both a stormtrooper and a Jedi both tried to check in at the same time, while there was only one ticket left. The brawl attracted the attention of Sith Lord Darth Vader, who intervened. Another Jedi Master soon arrived, and won a lightsaber duel over Vader. At the end of it, Vader fled, and the Jedi was allowed boarding on the flight.

Behind the scenesEdit

This flight was mentioned in a live grand opening ceremony for the new version of Star Tours at Disneyland on June 3rd, 2011. The events surrounding that flight were also part of the ceremony, and not part of the attraction itself.


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